Saturday, July 23, 2005

Once before.. I was there !!

Once again .. the hate and rage of blood is spreading on the land of Egypt.. not only in Egypt but in Sinai .. Don't those blind hearted killers know and understand that Sinai has some of the most holy places in history .. not for Jews or Chrisitans .. but I beleive as well for Muslims!

I was there.. just few years ago ..
I been to Sharam twice before
I enjoyed it.. loved it.. suggested it to friends

I was there.. in the same hotel "Ghazal Garden Hotel"
I remember some of the details.. I still do
I remember the times I spent there
Listening to the music and the long three hours on the boat to Ras Muhammad
The time I spent snorkling ..
The times I smoked shisha.. and listened to Oud with some old beatiful songs !

They destroeyed the hotel .. the peace people feel around Nemah pay ..

They are claiming that it is in the name of fighting the regime of Husni Mubarak!!
Don't they see people start standing against this regime..
Voicing their concerns and trying to really make a difference .. or the begining of a difference ..
Such action as last night's.. just lead people to accept the status co .. Just give us peace and create enough jobs.. and do whatever you wish Mr. Ruler!!!

Those killers lost any tie with rational .. and reasoning !
They are only looking for blood..
They think they are killing real kuffar ..
In my religon .. Islam ..
U just don't choose to go ahead and kill X or Y .. just coz they are none-Muslims!!
Everytime I see such events.. I wonder..
How in the world we talk very negatively against the crossads back in the 15th centery who invaded our lands .. and killed a lot of inncent people..
What is the difference betwene the crossade and today's killers in the name of Islam ??!

Both killed in the name of God (Allah)
Both killed in the name of Jesus and Mohammed (Peace be upon both of them)
Both were the result of cultures that were full of hell of problems that couldn't resolve them within so started to export its problems out .. and used the religon as their tool to gather the crowds around them .. the same old crowds who want to go to the heavens .. while they are actually thinking about the power and control such bloody wars might give them .. so they either get the power today .. in this world if they get control over their societies .. or tomorrow when they go to heavens.. just coz they killed couple of inncent people !!

NO .. It is not heavens .. for you Killers !